Walnut Christmas ornaments

My parents have a big walnut tree in their garden so there are always walnuts in the house. I thought it would be fun to hang some on the Christmas tree and came up with this easy walnut Christmas ornament.

Gold or silver spray paint
Old newspaper
Artificial gold holly berries on wire
Wire cutter

Dry and clean the walnuts so they are pretty and brown like the ones in the picture below.

Cleaned walnuts
Place the walnuts on an old newspaper and spray paint them the color of your choice. I simply poked mine with a stick to get them to turn over when I had sprayed one side.

Gold painted walnuts
Let the walnuts dry properly (mine took about an hour). Meanwhile, create the top of the ornaments:

When the walnuts are dry, apply glue to the area of the gold holly that will touch the top of the walnut and glue them on, pressing down on them for a few seconds until the glue kicks in.

Gluing gold holly on the painted walnuts
When the glue has completely hardened, add ribbon to your walnut ornaments and you're done!

Adding ribbon to the walnut ornaments


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